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0.01ct Rose Gold Heart Floating Diamond Necklace

9ct rose gold heart necklace with a teeny tiny 0.01ct floating sparkly movable diamond inside hangin..

£221.00 Ex VAT: £184.17

9ct Gold Cross Necklace

This solid 9 ct gold box chain features a delicate gold cross. The cross is approximately 2.5mm long..

£176.00 Ex VAT: £146.67

9ct Gold Diamond Heart Necklace & Earring Set

Solid 9K gold thread necklace and earring set featuring small brilliant cut genuine diamonds.Each st..

£320.00 Ex VAT: £266.67

9ct Gold St Christopher Pendant Necklace

This finely worked 9ct Gold St Christopher pendant hangs from a delicate 16 inch gold chain with ext..

£143.00 Ex VAT: £119.17

9ct Gold Tumbling Hearts Diamond Necklace

Three super cute tumbling hearts created from 9ct rose, white and yellow gold, each with one side in..

£294.00 Ex VAT: £245.00

9ct Rose Gold Teardrop Diamond Necklace

9ct rose gold pendant featuring 3 tiny brilliant cut diamonds to the inside delicate loop. Hanging f..

£145.00 Ex VAT: £120.83

9ct White Gold Diamond & Ruby Necklace

This is a sterling silver star necklace with 16inch sterling silver necklace is so sweet. They are v..

£238.00 Ex VAT: £198.33

9ct White Gold Diamond Butterfly Necklace

This stunning 9ct white gold butterfly with 3 little diamonds on each wing (0.15ct) hanging from an ..

£237.00 Ex VAT: £197.50

9ct White Gold Infinity Necklace

Our stunning infinity necklace is a perfect gift for a bride or bridesmaids on a special wedding day..

£153.00 Ex VAT: £127.50

Follow Your Dreams Brass Pendant Necklace

Our sweet brass 'follow your dreams and the adventure will unfold' pendant necklace is perfect for a..

£16.00 Ex VAT: £13.33

Gold Heart Diamond Necklace

This beautifully designed yellow gold heart pendent necklace features a tiny heart encrusted with di..

£199.00 Ex VAT: £165.83

Gold Plated 'Mrs' Necklace

This gorgeous gold/silver-plated necklace is the perfect way to celebrate becoming a new bride.Our s..

£15.00 Ex VAT: £12.50

Gold Plated Lace Bow Necklace

A very on trend vintage looking necklace with this delicate lace ribbon bow. The bow hangs from a de..

£25.00 Ex VAT: £20.83

Gold Plated Rocking Horse Necklace

Delicate and beautifully detailed gold plated rocking horse pendant hanging from a 16 inch gold plat..

£42.00 Ex VAT: £35.00

Mother You're My Pearl 9ct Gold Necklace

A sweet, circular 9ct gold pendant set around a gorgeous iridescent disc of mother of pearl. Your pe..

£174.00 Ex VAT: £145.00

My Beautiful Mum Sterling Silver Necklace

My Beautiful Mum Necklace would make a welcome gift on Mother's Day, her birthday or for a mother of..

£35.00 Ex VAT: £29.17

Personalised 'Do You Know How Loved You Are' Yellow Gold Necklace

A sweet personalised yellow gold star necklace, the perfect gift for a special girl.Our necklace wou..

£43.00 Ex VAT: £35.83

Personalised 'Heart of Gold' Rose Gold Necklace

A rose gold plated locked filled with peach coloured Swarowski crystals and one single raw brass hea..

£47.00 Ex VAT: £39.17

Personalised 'I Love You To Pieces' Yellow Gold Necklace

A gold plated stainless steel locket filled with 4 raw brass jigsaw pieces. Hanging from a 24 inch l..

£43.00 Ex VAT: £35.83

Personalised 'Love You To Pieces' Rose Gold Necklace

A rose gold plated stainless steel locket filled with 4 rose gold plated jigsaw pieces. Hanging from..

£43.00 Ex VAT: £35.83

Personalised Butterfly Charm Necklace

This Personalised Butterfly Charm Necklace is a stunning gift that is suited to any occasion.Persona..

£19.99 £17.39 Ex VAT: £14.49

Personalised Classic Stainless Steel Dog Tag Necklace

A nice, subtle personalised gift for the modern men of today!This stainless steel men's Dog Tag Clas..

£29.99 £23.59 Ex VAT: £19.66

Personalised Cross Stainless Steel Dog Tag Necklace

A nice, subtle personalised gift for the modern men of today!This stainless steel men's Dog Tag Cros..

£29.99 £22.99 Ex VAT: £19.16

Personalised Elegant Crown Heart Trinket Box & Necklace Set

This Heart Trinket Box and Necklace Set is an unique and elegant gift for her which can be personali..

£25.00 £19.49 Ex VAT: £16.24

Personalised Family Bird Sterling Silver Necklace

A sweet sterling silver necklace featuring a little silver bird on a branch with personalised rose g..

£30.00 Ex VAT: £25.00